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Lou & Lily

Alouicious (“Lou”)

February 2, 2005 – May 23, 2017

Lou was a sweet dog, who for 12 years brought great joy to the Zawada family. This handsome silky terrier pup joined the Zawada’s in 2005, after many years of daughter Julie’s wishing for a dog. Upon his arrival, not only did Lou fill Julie’s heart with love, but he had plenty of it for the whole family. Lou made everyone happy, loving all in his family equally. Lou had many other endearing qualities: he was beautiful and soft, funny and mischievous. He knew how to put a smile on everyone’s face with his displays of affection and his antics.

And Lou was very smart. In addition to mastering all of the standard dog tricks, there were a few specialties for which he was renowned, namely “BAM!” – a command at which Lou would fall down and pretend to be dead. He had that one down pat, drawing laughs regularly from his family and anyone else who visited. Lou had many other funny and unusual habits, his most famous being his love of television. When Lou would watch TV, instead of joining his family on the couch, he would sit right in front of the screen! The couch did not offer him as close of an experience as he hoped!

Other funny memories of Lou include his habit of licking his metal collar (and his occasionally getting his paw stuck in it) and his love of treats, especially peanut butter. Lou also had legendary “psychic powers” which at one time caused him to oddly fixate on the microwave and oven. Apparently Lou predicted the demise of both of these appliances, as well as that of other household items.

Over the years, Lou’s mischievous behavior sometimes got the best of him, leading to more than a few trips to the veterinarian’s office. Lou had a knack for “getting into things,” like the Thanksgiving turkey fat that was left out in the garage. There was also a time he ate a whole stick of butter. These rich “snacks” did not sit well in his tummy! And speaking of tummies, there was Lou’s love of “tickle, tickles.” Lou would offer up his tummy indiscriminately to anyone willing to do tummy tickles and he seemed to have an insatiable need for them.

One of the high points of Lou’s life was when his sister, Lily, joined him as part of the Zawada family. Lily was born just six months after Lou and to the same parents. On the day the Zawada family went to pick up their new baby girl, they decided to bring along big brother Lou, thinking it would be nice for him to see his parents again (admittedly, they were mostly curious to see if he would recognize them). The interaction was interesting. While Lou was very tense around his parents, in meeting his sister, Lily, Lou’s reaction was like that of an older brother in the presence of an annoying younger sibling. His initial reaction seemed to be “what is this thing?!” But once they were both at the Zawada home and settled in, Lily and Lou became inseparable, sharing their daily routines and lovingly sleeping in the laundry room together every night.

On May 23, 2017, Lou passed away. Lou was a dear companion to his family and sister Lily and is lovingly remembered by all.


August 9, 2005 - April 12, 2021

Lily was the younger puppy sister of Lou and was different from her big brother in many endearing ways. While close to her big brother, Lily did not follow in his footsteps. Lily had her own way of doing things and a distinctive personality. Lily was sassy, a “girly girl,” a bit aloof (except with mama Blanca), and she ruled the house as only a princess can do. Lily’s “girly” qualities included a more discriminating approach toward strangers and in dolling out her affections toward the family. And Lily was inseparably attached to her forever-mama, Blanca. Blanca was Lily’s “everything” and Lily followed her everywhere, like a tiny shadow. In return for her sweet devotion and loyalty, Blanca spoiled Lily in every way.

Unlike big brother Lou, Lily showed little interest in learning tricks, although she did master the basics of “sit,” “down,” “roll over” and “give-me-five.” While both Lou and Lily attended the same dog training classes, Lily did not graduate summa cum laude. Papa Ed was in charge of Lou during those classes and soft-hearted Blanca was in charge of Lily. No more needs to be said on this subject!

A favorite family memory of Lily was of her toys and her collection of socks. Being a bit spoiled, Lily was showered with many impressive and exciting doggie toys, none of which were of much interest to her. What captured Lily’s attention were brother Jon’s rolled up socks. Lily would steal these and hide them in a little space she had found. Lily was very territorial about these socks, as if they were her babies. Jon accepted that once she took them, they were “gone.” And speaking of small spaces… this was another thing that Lily loved. Though she wasn’t super snuggly, she did love to tuck her face into the armpit of her family members when sitting on their laps.

A major event in Lily’s life was the passing of her big brother Lou. Lily and Lou loved each other and were with each other day and night. After Lou passed away, Lily’s personality changed significantly. Lou’s absence must have left open a large place in her heart because after his death she opened up, becoming friendlier and more connected to everyone around her. Lily not only matured, but she came to enjoy being the center of attention in her family. And as one might expect for a puppy princess, the Zawada family threw a quinceanera for Lily when she turned 15 years of age.

And just as daughter Julie’s desire for a dog led to the adoption of the first family pup, Julie’s affinity for dogs (and Lily, in particular) resulted in her lovingly nursing Lily through those final days alongside her mother Blanca to whom Lily was so attached. Julie carefully fed Lily through a syringe and even brought her to work as a classroom teacher so she could keep a close eye on her. Sweet Lily died in Julie’s arms in the car as the family was taking her to the veterinarian for the last time. Ironically all of this transpired on Blanca's birthday, an anniversary she now fittingly shares with her beautiful fur baby. In Lily's final moments, she was surrounded by everyone she loved.


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